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Bluetooth Handsfree Kit - premium line, (Bury Brand) ,1-57-0200-2 , 1-57-0038-2
Compact Comfort Kit
for use with all in-dash or pedestal mounts see mounts for information

BURY Compact Comfort Kits are the perfect accessory for your car, the item you have purchased offers menu guidance and voice control in the following languages.

Designed for:

Bury Technologies Bluetooth Car Kits
Bluetooth Car kits from BURY allow you to experience handsfree conversation safely and wire-free. Turn on your car engine and your phone connects wirelessly to the car kit. 

The Comfort Compact 9060 Bluetooth Car Kit supports streaming stereo music via A2DP Bluetooth with color multifunction display, displaying text messages, phone book entries, network strength, battery level, and song title information. Refresh includes switching box with integrated power cable and radio mute functionality.

Must be hardwired into vehicle audio system. Harnesses not provided. Professional installation with vehicle electrical and audio wiring schematics are required.

Automatic radio-mute function when calling, and perfect voice output thanks to use of vehicle sound system.

Includes electronics box, microphone, loudspeaker, cables, and mount aids.

The Comfort Compact Bluetooth Car Kit comes with DialogPlus voice control system, a 2.8" touchscreen, external microphone, multiple call handling (conference up to 7 people!), and can read text messages out loud! Software version 1.33

Please note: Phones and music players must be A2DP Bluetooth enabled via an A2DP profile (or A2DP adapter) for stereo functionality.

ordering part numbers:
1-57-0200-2                               CC 9060 kit                    $

handsfree kit by Bury


handsfree kit by BuryParts includes:

compatible with:    Bluetooth phones listed below and others

                                        8100 Pearl
                                        8110 Pearl2
                                        8120 Pearl2
                                        8130 Pearl2

manufactured by Bury Technologies
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warranty: limited one year
made in: Germany
all prices subject to change

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