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Antenna - magnetic mount
Dual Band
0 db gain 824-896 mHz / 0 db gain 1850-1990 mHz
3" enclosed/open coil mast
10 ft. RG-58/U cable with FME female connector


dual band magnetic mount antenna

$ 27.31          301113 antenna with FME connector
                                this price includes shipping, tax, handling

the dual band model antennas will work with 800 mHz Analog and Digital service and 1900 mHz Digial service
can be attached to a handheld phone with a handsfree kit or RF coupler adapter cable with FME male connector

Aftermarket Brand Product (AM)
manufacture: Wilson Electronics Inc. ( WEI )
warranty: limited 90 day
all prices subject to change

spec's from Wilson Electronics web site

Canyon River Cellular Company  * sales@canyonriver.com

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