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Data - USB data cable, (OEM HTC brand) , 73H00315-00M
to connect your phone to a PC or other handheld device with a USB port
charging style, will charge phone in the same amunt of time as the mid-rate home charger
no software included
your carrier may require software provided by your service carrier, for certain applications
check with your service provider to see if your model phone is supported by them
charger port compatible with original car charger and travel charger

data cable

this item has been discontinued, replacement 73H00331-00M

compatible with:
     HTC models below

                                                Aria (A6366) *
                                                Desire (ADR6275) *
                                                Driod Incredible (ADR6300) *
                                                EVO 4G (9292) *
                                                G2 *
                                                HD2 *
                                                HD3 *
                                                MyTouch 3G slide *
                                                MyTouch 3G+ slide *
                                                Nexus One ( ) *
                                                Wildfire *
                                                Vision *

Original HTC Product (OEM HTC)
HTC original accessories logo

Samsung  cells from Japan
warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *

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