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Vehicle Power Adapter Charger - rapid, premium line, (OEM HTC brand) , 99H10129-00M
Rapid cigarette lighter charger
rapid charger, see owners manual for charging times
indicator light red for power

VPA charger

$ 25.31   
  this price includes shipping, tax, handling

A must have for traveling in areas where you are roaming, or a safe item to have in the car if you break down. Vehicle Power Adapter - premium line, original equipment manufacture (OEM)

  • DC/auto charger
  • vehicle power adapter (VPA)
  • cigarette lighter charger (CLA)
  • indicator light for power
  • A stylish and portable in-vehicle accessory, designed to rapidly charge your phone's battery in approximately two to three hours. Simply plug it into your car's vehicle power socket and connect it to your phone - enjoy unlimited talk and standby time, while your phone is charging! Fits most in-vehicle power port sockets.
  • HTC design
    Approximate weight and dimensions:
  • 4.3oz, 86mm x 35mm (round)
  • Coil cord length when stretched: 2.4m
  • Auto resetable fuse - no need to ever replace

  • compatible with:
         HTC models below

                                                    Aria (A6366) *
                                                    Driod Incredible (CDMA) (ADR6300) *
                                                    EVO 4G (9292) *
                                                    HD2 (GSM) *
                                                    HD7 (GSM) *
                                                    MyTouch Slide 3 (GSM) *
                                                    MyTouch 4 (GSM) *
                                                    Nexus One (GSM) ( ) *

    Original HTC Product (OEM HTC)
    HTC original accessories logo

    Samsung  cells from Japan
    warranty: limited one year
    all prices subject to change

    Canyon River Cellular Company  *

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