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Hug - Wireless Charging Pad & Case

Case Mate clip on battery cover

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get a Hug every day? You probably don’t think about it that often ... you go about your daily life, rushing from one meeting to the next. But what if every time you walked through your door you got a nice reminder of warm affection from a welcome friend?

Enter the Hug ... Case-mate’s latest wireless charging pad and case for the iPhone 3G/3GS that “hugs” your battery back to life. Isn’t it nice to know that you can always come home to a Hug?

Why Hug?

Why Hug?

  • Protective case & wireless charger in-one
    The slim Hug case provides daily protection for your device while also conveniently charging it when placed on the Hug pad. Charge up without plugging in
  • Green technology Hug draws power only to the level your device needs, then nothing more.
  • Interoperable Any hug case works with any hug pad. So with the same case you can get a power hug on pads at home or the office.
  • Future compatibility: Hug is based on the Wireless Power Consortium standard. This means that your Hug charging pad will always be compatible with new devices supporting the standard. This also means that your hug case will be compatible with everyday products (you bedside table, starbuck's coffee table, in the airplane etc) that support this universal standard.
How does it work?

Connect the Hug charging pad to a standard ac power source, then place your phone in the wireless Hug charging case. Second, place the Hug case with the phone in it on the charging pad. Magnets in the pad and case automatically create a safe, charging field that wirelessly charges your phone.

                         Case Mate clip on battery cover                Case Mate clip on battery cover

compatible with:     Apple models listed below

                                                    iPHONE 3G
                                                    iPHONE 3Gs

aftermarket product by Case Mate
warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change
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