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Skin - executive line, "Tough Hybrid Cases" , (Case Mate brand)  , CM011776
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color: see below
hard skin with soft silicon skin underneth cover

Flexible one-piece design combines the insulation of a skin with the durability and sleekness of a hard shell. Custom-fit, access to all ports, sensors and controls. Includes removable screen protector film for extra scratch protection.

Tough Hybrid skin


available colors:
Tough Hybrid skinCM011776     Grey/Grey - Skin hard shell clip-on, (Case Mate brand)
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Tough Hybrid skinCM011708     Grey/Pink - Skin hard shell clip-on, (Case Mate brand)
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Go Hybrid and Get Strong

Cars, computers, handhelds—it seems like everyone is going hybrid. What's the hook? To be hybrid is to take the best of both worlds, the strengths of two technologies combined for one powerful, game-changing solution.

Our Hybrid Tough case for the HTC EVO uses the protective power of dual layers. A form-fitting silicone skin surrounds your HTC EVO completely, absorbing each impact or hard-knock. Wrapped around the skin is a tough, ABS plastic shell for complete security, adding another level of protection—and making for a firm grip.


compatible with:     HTC models listed below

                                            EVO 4G *

aftermarket product by Case Mate (Case Mate brand)
warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *

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