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Silicon Skin - deluxe line, (Body Glove Brand) , CRC90795 , 9079501

It's the perfect combination of form and function in a Cellsuit.
Scuba phone gloves from Body Glove protect your phone in new style without sacrificing your personal style.
The shock absorbent weather-resistant silicon material is so durable, it can handle the elements as well as the element of surprise.
Scuba gloves are sleek, new fashion, soft-to-the-touch and include a rapid release swivel clip for instant phone access.

Cellsuit Glove skin by Body Glove

this item has been discontinued by Body Glove

replacement swivel belt clip replacement swivel belt clip CRC90826 order

compatible with:     Blackberry models listed below

                                                    8300 Curve *
                                                    8310 Curve *
                                                    8320 Curve *
                                                    8330 Curve *

Original BodyGlove Product
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warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *

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