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Silicon Skin - deluxe line, (Body Glove Brand) , CRC91328 , 9132801

Scuba Silicon style Soft Skin Cases by Body Glove

It's the perfect combination of form and function in a Cellsuit.
Scuba phone cases from Body Glove protect your phone without sacrificing your personal style.
The shock absorbent weather-resistant material is so durable, it can handle the elements as well as the element of surprise.
Scuba cases are sleek, fashionable, soft-to-the-touch and include a rapid release swivel clip for instant phone access.

Glove clip-on skin by Body Glove

$ 24.31   
  this price includes shipping, tax, handling


replacement swivel belt clip replacement swivel belt clip CRC90826 order

compatible with:     Blackberry models listed below

                                                    8520 Curve3 *
                                                    8530 Curve3 *
                                                    9300 Curve4 *
                                                    9330 Curve4 *

Original BodyGlove Product
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warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *

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