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Leather Sleeve - premium line, (OEM Blackberry)  HDW-19862-001
no belt clip
phone can sit vertical
open top
sleeper function compatible (locks keys and turns of screen to save battery)
top grain leather
Blackberry logo emblem on back

                   leather sleeve

other colors available:

leather pouchHDW-19862-001           Sleeve - black, (OEM Blackberry)          $ 17.31   
                                     this price includes shipping, tax, handling

leather pouchHDW-19862-002           Sleeve - dark brown, (OEM Blackberry)

leather pouchHDW-19862-003           Sleeve - dark red, (OEM Blackberry)

leather pouchHDW-19862-004           Sleeve - dark blue, (OEM Blackberry)

leather pouchHDW-19862-005           Sleeve - oyster, (OEM Blackberry)

compatible with:     BlackBerry models listed below

                                                        8520 Curve3 *
                                                        8530 Curve3 *
                                                        8900 Curve2 *
                                                        9300 Curve4 *
                                                        9330 Curve4 *
                                                        9700 Curve4 *
                                                        9780 Curve4 *

                                                  check with Blackberry for use with other models

Original Blackberry Product (OEM Blackberry)
warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *

Page last revised on: 12/15/10
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