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Holster - executive line (Siedio brand)
allows use of all original batteries
standard ABS belt clip with rotate feature
can rotate phone to sit horizontal or vertical
phone is removed to be used
battery back is out so LCD screen is protected
holster is sleeper compatible
phone front LCD faces in in holster

Siedio holster with belt clip

$ 26.31   
  this price includes shipping, tax, handling

discontinued by Seidio limited stock available

Seidio's stylish holster provides the ultimate in convenience and functionality by securing your device on all sides. With a soft-touch "rubberized" texture it provides a unique look and extra protection.

The face-in design protects your phones screen, locking swivel belt clip with 7 rotating angles allows you to wear your holster vertical or horizontal.

  • Unique Spring-Clip holds your device securely and lifts for quick access
  • Unique soft-touch "rubberized" texture provides a unique look and extra protection
  • Face-in design protects your device's screen
  • Locking swivel belt clip with 7 rotating anglesFits Seidio extended batteries
  • Easy access to connectors


    compatible with:    Palm models listed below
                                                    Pre *

    logo SeidioSeidio Brand Product (Seidio)
    warranty: limited one year month
    all prices subject to change

    Canyon River Cellular Company  *  sales@canyonriver.com

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