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Luxe Skin - executive line, ( iFrogz brand )
Protective hard plastic case with metallic finish & soft touch texture
skin shell with removable section for docking
fitted skin with full style case
color: see part number below for color
hard shell plastic case is unbelievably sleek and finished with a stunning metallic facade and a velvety "soft touch" feel.

open over screen (includes screen portector sheet)
no belt clip
phone is used in skin
case slides perfectly around your iPhone, allowing access to all of the buttons, ports, and sensors.

remove black bottom skin (push button back) to use charger cradles
ABS and high quality cover
compatible with standard battery only

                      skin case with holster swivel belt clip

available color styles:

silicon skinIPHONE3G-ST-CB     Luxe skin - Clear/Black

silicon skinIPHONE3G-ST-BLK     Luxe skin - Thick Black/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-BB     Luxe skin - Royal Blue/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-RB     Luxe skin - Red Ruby/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-IB     Luxe skin - Iron/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-PB     Luxe skin - Medium Megenta/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-GB     Luxe skin - Neon Green/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-OB     Luxe skin - Orange/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-SB     Luxe skin - Silver/Black

silicon skinPHONE3G-ST-GRB     Luxe skin - Grape/Black

compatible with:    Apple models listed below

                                               iPHONE 3G *
                                               iPHONE 3Gs *

Original iFrogz Product
iFrogz logo
warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *  sales@canyonriver.com

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