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Rugged Case - executive line, (Trident Products Brand) , KKN-IPH4
Kraken series
3 layer skin shell

fitted skin
phone is used in skin
belt clip attachment
hard and soft silicon rubber
compatible with standard battery only

skin protector

The newly released, visually dynamic Kraken will keep your iPhone™ 4 in pristine condition. Like its tough, legendary namesake, the Kraken is a unique and powerful force providing protection against elements that could potentially destroy it.


Unsurpassed Level of Protection

Durable polycarbonate constructed case enclosed with impact resistant silicone sleeve for 100% peace of mind. Extra padded corners will provide extra drop protection.

Ergonomically Designed for Comfortable Hold

Ergonomically designed to fit the contour of your hand for a nonslip comfortable hold.

Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare, Anti-Moisture Clear PET Screen Protector

Anti-scratch, anti-glare clear PET screen protector will keep your screen from unsightly finger prints, smudges, and scratches; also moisture resistant with complete touch screen interactivity.

Anti-Dust Design with Dust and Silicone Covers for All Openings

Anti-dust design with silicone covers for unimpeded access to headphone jack, switches, sensors, and dock connector. Camera lens and logo opening are also protected by clear durable PET film to keep out dust and debris. Dust covers on speaker bays will keep your iPhone™ 4 dust free.

Detachable Belt Clip and Stand

360° ratcheting belt clip which doubles as a stand in landscape or portrait mode. Remove the spring loaded clip to slip into your pocket comfortably.

Audio Jack Extender Included

Audio jack extender included to provide 100% compatible connection to ALL types of 3.5mm audio jacks. Connect your iPhone™ 4 to AUX input of your car and home stereo system without fitting problem. The TRRS connector is compatible with the microphone function of the iPhone™ 4.

Technical Specs

Plastic covers made of Polycarbonate and the skin is of silicone. All materials are 100% RoHS compliant.

*Our manufacturer recently decided not to include a removable, protective backing on our case’s screen shields. This will allow the manufacturer to more carefully inspect each and every screen shield for any flaws before they are shipped out. Unfortunately, this decision was made too late for us to be able to adjust our instruction booklets accordingly. Please ignore any steps in the included directions which instruct you to remove a protective film, as there is none. All future instruction booklets will be corrected and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

order by color:

skin protectorKKN-IPH4-BLK          Kraken Skin, black/black          $ 34.31   
                                       this price includes shipping, tax, handling
skin protectorKKN-IPH4-RED          Kraken Skin, red/black          $ 34.31   
                                       this price includes shipping, tax, handling
skin protectorKKN-IPH4-BLU          Kraken Skin, blue/black          $ 34.31   
                                       this price includes shipping, tax, handling
skin protectorKKN-IPH4-YLW          Kraken Skin, yellow/black          $ 34.31   
                                       this price includes shipping, tax, handling
skin protectorKKN-IPH4-GRY          Kraken Skin, grey/black          $ 34.31   
                                       this price includes shipping, tax, handling

skin case frontBACK viewSIDE viewCLIP view

compatible with:
    Apple models listed below

                                               iPHONE 4 *
                                               iPHONE 4 CDMA *

                                               not white iPHONE 4 *

Original Trident Product
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warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *

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