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Leather portfolio case - "Orbit Flex", executive line (Krusell brand)
horizontal pouch with leather magnetic close flap
top grain multi-tanned soft leather

multi-dapt clip multiple clip styles to choose from
credit card pocket
media card pocket
phone sits horizontal and vertical
front flap can be removed if needed
open screen

                         leather pouch

  leather pouch     KRU-95421 , black  $ 29.31   
                                       this price includes shipping, tax, handling on our paypal site

                                                                         leather pouch

KRU-80339             KRU-58112          KRU-58202          KRU-58401              KRU-58301
swivel clip (included)               heavy duty steel clip                     straight clip                   vortek rotate clip                       straight spring clip

        swivel clip (new style)

compatible with:    models listed below

                               Apple models listed below
                                                            iPHONE 3G size 4.52" x 2.44" x 0.49"   (115 x 62 x 12.4 mm)      *
                                                            iPHONE 3Gs size 4.55" x 2.44" x 0.48"   (116 x 62 x 12.3 mm)     *

Original Krusell Brand Product (Krusell)

logo Krusell
warranty: limited one year
all prices subject to change

Canyon River Cellular Company  *  sales@canyonriver.com

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