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TXBAT10063     900 mAh Battery , Li-Ion , standard, (OEM Kyocera)

TXBAT10065     1550 mAh Battery , Li-Ion , extended, w/black battery door, (OEM Kyocera)
TMSRPxxxxx     Battery door - cover, standard, black, (OEM Kyocera)
TMSRPxxxxx     Battery door - cover, extended, black, (OEM Kyocera)

TXCLA10051     Vehicle Power Adapter - premium, rapid, (DC/car) (OEM Kyocera)

4191-05-01        Vehicle Power Adapter - standard, rapid, (DC/car) (AM)

TXLCC10129     Leather case - premium, swivel belt clip, (OEM Kyocera)

                            Leather case - standard, (AM)

                            Belt clip - premium, swivel style belt clip, universal kit with mount, (OEM Kyocera)

TXLCC10126     Holster - premium, standard belt clip with rotate, (OEM Kyocera)

                            Holster - standard, standard belt clip with rotate, (AM)

TXLCC10152     Nylon Pouch - premium, swivel belt clip, magnetic flap, (OEM Kyocera)

to Bluetooth page               Bluetooth headsets from other manufactures ( over 60 models to choose from compatible with this phone)

TXCKT10089     Headset - bluetooth, wireless, (OEM Kyocera)

TXCKT10139     Headset - bluetooth, wireless, (OEM Kyocera)

TXCKT10161     Headset - bluetooth, wireless, (OEM Kyocera)

TXCKT10162     Headset - bluetooth, wireless, (OEM Kyocera)

Body Glove             Headsets by Body Glove ( earbud, stereo dual earbud, and over the ear styles )

             Headsets by Jabra ( EarSet, EarWrap, EarBud, EarBoom styles )

             Headsets by Plantronics ( earbud, over the ear, over the head, in the ear styles )

             Headsets by ClearVox ( earbud, and over the ear styles )
TXCKT10024     Headset - in the ear, earbud, with inline microphone, (OEM Kyocera)

TXCKT10056     Headset - dual earbud, stereo, with inline microphone, (OEM Kyocera) TXCKT10056

               RF coupler adapter cable (AM) (to connect external antenna)
antennas               External antenna - for use with RF coupler adapter cable to increase signal, or handsfree kit, (from 7 manufactures)

TXANT10018     Antenna, replacement stubby antenna, (OEM Kyocera)

                            RF coupler adapter cable - (to connect external antenna), (Wilson)

TXCKT10086     Handsfree Kit - bluetooth, VPA plug-in style, (OEM Kyocera)

TXCKT10136     Handsfree Kit - bluetooth, install kit, rearview mirror style, (OEM Kyocera)

                            Handsfree Kit - compact   (OEM Kyocera)

TXCKT10040     Handsfree Kit - complete, install kit, (OEM Kyocera)

TXTVL10079      Charger - Travel charger mid rate, (OEM Kyocera)

TXTVL10068      Charger - Travel charger rapid, (OEM Kyocera)

4191-07-01         Charger - Travel charger rapid, (aftermarket brand)

                            Charger - Wall charger stand, battery only, (OEM Kyocera)

TXDTC10047     Charger - desktop charger with music sync, (OEM Kyocera)

TXMST10041     Data - Connectivity kit, USB data cable/software, (OEM Kyocera) TXMST10025

TXMST10041     Data - software, on CD, (OEM Kyocera) TXDTA10078A

                            Data - USB cable, (OEM Kyocera) LGXBU96

TXCMB10015     Accessory - game pad, K500, (OEM Kyocera)

TLAEB1000         Owners manual - (original)


Additional accessory product links below, for universal type accessories, several other products available
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