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Swivel mounting solution for cradle, mobile holder, handsfree kits
LoBoy  G3
allow positioning of mobile holder to be directed
to where the user wants it.
mounts on dash or where you want it, to attach your cradle or XM radio mount

The LoBoy universal mount can be for securing hands free cradles, XM and Sirius satellite radios, TFT displays and more. It features an integrated swivel which allows easy adjustment in any direction, holding securely without locking or tightening levers. The flexible mounting pad with its 3M adhesive back, makes installations fast, simple and strong. Includes a 90 degree 'L' bracket that accommodates a variety of mobile electronics in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

A Surface Preparation Cleaning Kit and Alcohol Pad are included. Clean the mounting location prior to installing the LoBoy. Failure to properly prepare the mounting surface may result in the Flex Pad failing to adhere and voiding the warranty. Do not apply to leather surfaces. Do not adjust the torque setting on the LoBoy's center screw.

ordering part numbers:
LB-600                             Lo Boy mounting pedestal                                             $ 16.99
UN-500G3                       Lo Boy mounting pedestal G3                                       $ 23.05

LoBoy, Swivel pedestal mount

LoBoy, Swivel pedestal mountLoBoy, Swivel pedestal mount

manufactured by Pro-Fit International
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warranty: limited lifetime
made in: USA
all prices subject to change

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