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98317              800 mAh Battery , Li-Ion , extended, (OEM) SNN5705                          

99320               1350 mAh Battery, Li-Ion, ultra extended, (OEM) SNN5716                   

SHN7681         Replacement battery door - Graphite Black, 800 mAh., (OEM)                 

SHN7682         Replacement battery door - Graphite Black, 1350 mAh., (OEM)              

98307               Rapid cigarette lighter charger, (DC/car) (OEM) SYN7818                       

954-05-01        Rapid cigarette lighter charger, (DC/car) (AM)                                          

98315               Holster - premium, (OEM) SYN8688                                                       

98312               Leather case - premium, (OEM) SYN8477                                                

                         Leather case - Standard (AM)                                                                   

                         Antenna , (OEM) 270c                                                                              

                         Vehicle holder (OEM)                                                                                

98309          Headset - Ear bud and Microphone, w/ send/end, (OEM) SYN8419            

98323          Headset - Ear bud and Microphone  (OEM) SYN                                        

98196          Headset - Ear bud and Mic with retractable holder  (OEM) SYN6962          

98197          Headset - Over the head with boom microphone  (OEM) SYN6962             

98328          Headset - Over the head with boom microphone  (OEM) SYN8908             

98310          Headset - FM Stereo radio style headset, (OEM) SYN8609                         

SYN7875         Neck Loop, hearing aid compatible accessory, (OEM) SYN7875            

98381          Headset - MP3 player headset, (OEM)                                                          

98405          Headset - BlueTooth headset, wireless, (OEM) SYN9006                            

99332          Headset module - battery door module for BlueTooth headset, (OEM)          $

        Headsets by ClearVox ( earbud, and over the ear styles )

        Headsets by Jabra ( EarSet, EarWrap, EarBud, EarBoom styles )

        Headsets by Plantronics ( earbud, over the ear, over the head, in the ear styles )

98308          Handsfree Kit - compact, "Zero Install Kit", (OEM) SYN8597                    

S9564          Handsfree Kit - complete, with DSP, (OEM) S9610 / SYN9268                

S8781           Handsfree Kit - complete, (OEM)                                                              

[ antennas ]           External Antenna manufactures are listed on the antenna pages for more information

98357          Charger , Travel charger, (OEM) SPN4940                                             

98412          Charger, desktop dual slot charger, (OEM) SPN5019                              

98358          Charger, desktop dual slot charger, (OEM) SPN4997                              

99331          Data, Connectivity Kit, BLUETOOTH wireless kit, (OEM)                      

98320          Data Connectivity Kit - serial cable & software, (OEM)                         

98326          Data Connectivity Kit - USB cable & softwareData cable, (OEM)         

98321          Data Connectivity Kit - Palm III cable & software, (OEM)                     

98347          Data Connectivity Kit - Palm V cable & software, (OEM)                      

S9141          Data cable only - serial cable, (OEM) SYN0279B/SKN6315A             

SKN6311    Data cable only - USB cable, (OEM)                                                     

                    Data cable only - Palm III cable, (OEM) SYN0279B/                            

                    Data cable only - Palm V cable, (OEM) SYN0279B/                             

       Data products ( cables, interfaces, cards, Sync hardware and software, Data software)

SJN-8000   Owners Manual - P270 (original)                                                           

Additional accessory product links below, for universal type accessories, several other products available
but not published on web site due to Agreements with Manufactures. Prices subject to change without notice.
Let us know if you need a certain product.

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