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BMC-2          640 mAh Battery , Ni-MH , standard , no color (OEM)                                

BLC-2            850 mAh Battery , Li-Ion , extended , no color (OEM)                                     

BMC-3           900 mAh Battery , Ni-MH , extended , no color (OEM)                                   

LCH-12           Rapid cigarette lighter charger, (DC/car) (OEM)                                               

CTU-03R        Leather case - premium, (OEM)                                                                       

CSL-20           Leather pouch - premium, (OEM)                                                                    

CSL-12           Leather case - premium, standard belt clip, (OEM)                                           

CSL-12B         Leather case - premium, swivel belt clip, (OEM)                                                

950-06-01       Leather case - standard, standard belt clip, (OEM)                                           

950-06-04       Leather case - deluxe, swivel belt clip, (OEM)                                                  

CSH-7            Microfiber case - premium, purple, (OEM)                                                        

CSM-2            Microfiber case - premium, silver, (OEM)                                                         

CSM-3            Microfiber case - premium, blue, (OEM)                                                           

CSM-4M        Mesh case - premium, orange, (OEM)                                                               

CBM-12         Rubber sleeve - premium, clear, (OEM)                                                             

950-06-10      Holster - standard, rotating, black, (AM)                                                             

MBC-6           Vehicle holder (OEM)                                                                                        

CARK-125     Handsfree kit - compact , (OEM) express car kit                                                

CARK-128     Handsfree kit - complete , (OEM) install car kit                                                   

HDC-5            Headset - Earbud with inline microphone (OEM)                                                

HDE-2             Headset - Earbud with inline microphone (OEM)                                                

HDB-5            Headset - Earbud with boom microphone, (OEM)                                               

             Headsets by ClearVox ( earbud, and over the ear styles )

             Headsets by Jabra ( EarSet, EarWrap, EarBud, EarBoom styles )

             Headsets by Plantronics ( earbud, over the ear, over the head, in the ear styles )

ACP-7U         Charger, Travel standard (OEM)                                                                           

ACP-8U         Charger, Travel rapid (OEM)                                                                                

DCV-10         Charger DTC - Desktop stand (OEM)                                                                   
                       (requires: travel charger or performance charger)

DDC-1           Charger - Battery desktop charger (OEM)                                                             

                       Data software for 3390 only ( down load from Nokia web site ) [ here ]

LPS-3             Mobile Inductive Loop set (OEM)                                                                         
                               Hearing Aide compatible accessory, for use with T-coil hearing aids

SKR-22          Faceplate cover - Polar Blue , front and back cover (OEM)                                   

SKR-23          Faceplate cover - Navy Blue , front and back cover (OEM)                                   

SKR-24          Faceplate cover - Himalaya White , front and back cover (OEM)                            

SKR-25          Faceplate cover - Vesuvius Red , front and back cover (OEM)                               

SKR-26           Faceplate cover - Iceberg Grey , front and back cover (OEM)                              

SKR-28           Faceplate cover - Sahara Yellow , front and back cover (OEM)                             

SKR-29           Faceplate cover - Arctic Silver , front and back cover (OEM)                                

SKR-44           Faceplate cover - By Land , front and back cover (OEM)                                      

SKR-45           Faceplate cover - By Sea , front and back cover (OEM)                                        

SKR-46           Faceplate cover - By Air , front and back cover (OEM)                                        

SKR-59           Faceplate cover - Discover, front and back cover (OEM)                                      

SKR-60           Faceplate cover - Hot Jazz, front and back cover (OEM)                                      

SKR-62           Faceplate cover - Antique Olympia, front and back cover (OEM)                          

SKR-66           Faceplate cover - PAST, front and back cover, keymat, (OEM)                           

SKR-67           Faceplate cover - PRESENT, front and back cover, keymat, (OEM)                    

SKR-68           Faceplate cover - FUTURE, front and back cover, keymat, (OEM)                     

SKR-75           Faceplate cover - MONITOR from Dilbert cartoon, front and back cover (OEM) 

SKR-76           Faceplate cover - BOSS from Dilbert cartoon, front and back cover (OEM)          

SKR-90           Faceplate cover - Couple Man, front and back cover (OEM)                                

SKR-91           Faceplate cover - Couple Woman, front and back cover (OEM)                           

SKR-92           Faceplate cover - Spring Air, front and back cover (OEM)                                    

SKR-97           Faceplate cover - Pop Flower, front and back cover (OEM)                                 

SKR-100         Faceplate cover - Spicy Lemon, front and back cover (OEM)                               

SKR-104         Faceplate cover - Deep, front and back cover (OEM)                                            

SKR-115         Faceplate cover - Bald Eagle, front and back cover (OEM)                                    

                        Owners Manual, 3390 (OEM)                                                                               

Additional accessory product links below, for universal type accessories, several other products available
but not published on web site due to Agreements with Manufactures. Prices subject to change without notice.
Let us know if you need a certain product.

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