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For Bracketron dash and install mounting products, for bluetooth handsfree kits  and cellphone automobile install charging cradles
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chargerUGC-298-BL     Charger - Dual USB DC charger adapter, (Bracketron brand)
mountUFM-200-BL     Mount - Dash-Mat Portable Mount, with adjustible holder, (Bracketron brand)

mountPHV-200-BL     Mount - adjustible holder, no mount included, (Bracketron brand)

mountPHW-203-BL     Mount - Mobile Grip-iT Windshield, with adjustible holder, (Bracketron brand)

mountUCH-101-BL     Mount - Mobile Cup-iT Mount Kit, with adjustible holder, (Bracketron brand)

mountIPM-197-BL     Mount - Universal USB Power Dock, with adjustible holder, (Bracketron brand)

mountRWA-201-BL     Mount - Golf cart , with adjustible holder, (Bracketron brand)

mountUFM-300-BX     Mount - Nav-Pack Mount/Case, GPS mount holder, (Bracketron brand)

mountSWM-400-BL     Mount - Universal GPS Mount, (Bracketron brand)

mountUFM-100-BL     Mount - Universal GPS Mount, (Bracketron brand)

mountMVM-45-08-GP     Mount - Universal GPS Dash Mount, (Bracketron brand)

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