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memory card reader
BONZAI Mobile Card Reader
STI-USB2BONZAI           BONZAI Mini-Drive (USB reader)      $
STI-PFMMCSD                BONZAI Mini-Drive (USB reader)      $

memory card
microSD Card, Reduced Size Flash Memory Cards for Mobile Devices

STI-MICROSD/256          Micro SD memory card, 256MB           $
STI-MICROSD/512          Micro SD memory card, 512MB           $
STI-MICROSD/1GB         Micro SD memory card, 1 GB *            $
STI-MICROSD/2GB         Micro SD memory card, 2GB  *            $
STI-MICROSD/3GB         Micro SD memory card, 3GB  *            $
STI-MICROSD/4GB         Micro SD memory card, 4GB  *            $
* note: several models of mobile phones are only compatible with a card up to a certain size check your user guide with your phone.

memory card
miniSD Card, Flash Memory Cards for Mobile Devices

STI-MINISD/1GB              miniSD memory card, 1GB               $
STI-MINISD/2GB              miniSD memory card, 2GB               $


memory card
MMC Mobile Card, Reduced Size Flash Memory Cards for Mobile Devices

STI-DVRSMMC/512        MMC SD memory card, 512MB          $

memory card
MMC Plus Mobile Card, Flash Memory Cards for Mobile Devices

  STI-MMCPLUS/1GB        MMC+ 1GB Memory Card                 $

compatible with:    

Motorola -
                                                           - L7 Slvr *
                                                                            - V3 Razr *
                                                                            - V3c Razr *
                                                                            - V3i Razr *

                                             ( check with Motorola for other models that are compatible, and which applictions are compatible )

Original SimpleTech Product (OEM SimpleTech)
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warranty: limited five year
all prices subject to change
made in: China

Data products are not returnable or exchangeable due to being a one time use item for many customers. Defective products are replaced by the manufacture for the same item only, as per the manufactures warranty. Verify the use of the item with your service provider or the manufacture.

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