Wireless Data Products

USB data cables, Serial data cables
Mobile Data Kits
Data interface Kits , PCMCIA cables , Modem kits

3 COM logo    3 COM - cables

Andrew logo    Andrew Wireless data - Extensis interface

APEX logo    APEX data - cables

AudioVox logo    AudioVox data - cables, connectivity kits

DataPilot logo    DataPilot , phonebook software - Software and cable

Ericsson logo    Ericsson Phones - cables

FoneSync logo    FoneSync phonebook software - Software and cable

FutureDial logo    FutureDial , phonebook software - Software and cable

Kyocera logo    Kyocera - cables, interfaces, serial cables

Megahertz logo    Megahertz - cables

Mitsubishi logo    Mitsubishi - cables, interfaces, modems

Motorola logo    Motorola - cables, interfaces, modems

Nokia logo    Nokia - cables, interfaces, serial cables

Ositech logo        Ositech - cables, PCMCIA cards

Samsung logo    Samsung Wireless - cables, USB

Smart logo    Smart Modular Technologies - cables

Socket logo      Socket Communications - CF cards

Viking logo    Viking Components - cables

Vox.2 logo     Vox.2 data - Vox.Link interface

Data products are not returnable due to being a one time use item for many customers. Defective products are replaced by the manufacture for the same item only, as per the manufactures warranty.
Check with the product manufacture as to any PC system requirements if software is included.
Canyon River Cellular does not provide support for any data products, customers will need to contact the product manufacture for all technical support, any upgrades or drivers that may be needed.
Products are not returnable due to none compatibility if opened, check with the manufacture for system requirements prior to opening data products, (as required by the manufactures).

The Manufactures above and their logos are registered trademarks of each Manufacture and/or its affiliates.

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