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Canyon River Cellular Company is located in Dallas, Texas. The company started operations to provide cellular phone and two-way radio accessories, and pagers to the local commercial companies and local government agency accounts. Our web site was originally intended to provide pricing and part numbers for commercial and government agencies. Through word of mouth our customer base has moved toward the mail order retail customer and e-commerce. Our business continues to grow due to referral's and repeat business as we do not advertise.
We sell original OEM accessories for most all brands of cellular phones. We also carry a limited assortment of aftermarket accessories for most cellular phones to keep in the price range our new customers like.
In 1998 our sales increased several times what the company had previously done in the past. This is largely due to the word of mouth referral sells in the RV traveling community, we started offering several products that are not available in retail cellular stores. We thank all of the loyal customers for their business and for telling all the people they meet on their trips across the United States.
At Canyon River Cellular Company our goal is to stay on top of the ever changing line of products becoming available. We are more interested in the customer being happy with their purchase than the sell. This means if the product is an inexpensive or entry level item, we will tell you, we do not recommend it but if this is what you want it is your decision. We would rather you not purchase the item than return it because you wanted a higher quality item.
We may suggest that you purchase a certain item that is our opinion and may not be your preference, so we encourage you to e-mail or phone in questions, and go to the manufactures web site to research your item, so you are getting the item think you are.
Thank you, for your interest, and we hope we can help you find what you need.

Thank You,
The Sales Staff
Canyon River Cellular Company

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